Episode 32 

 25 Years Working From Home, With Publicist,

Tracy Lamourie 

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Show notes

Tracy Lamourie has worked from home for over 25 years. She’s now a high-profile international award-winning publicist, based out of Hamilton, in Ontario, Canada. April asked her if she could think way back to talk about how she originally got into working from home back in the 1990s before it was very common; so Tracy tells her story of how she went from working in telemarketing-type roles to building her own business to the point where she’s often traveling internationally for speaking gigs and VIP parties. Tracy and her husband have worked together in radio and as activists throughout their relationship, sometimes even sharing a home office in the evenings; however, he had a day job in an office. A few years ago, they decided to have him come work with her from their home (in separate offices), to help as her business grows. She also talks about how and why she chose to move into a basement office with a fireplace and how she hopes to be able to have fireside chats with in-person guests once things open up and they complete some renovations.

In this episode, Tracy shares about her desire to travel again once the borders open up again and how she has been able to take her work with her on the road in the past. Tracy spends long hours working every day, but she says she wouldn’t trade it at this point, because she has found work that she’s truly passionate about with enough variety to keep it interesting; and she’s developed to-do lists and calendars that work for her. As a publicist, she understands the importance of branding and exposure and has enjoyed the exposure and connections she’s gotten from being a guest on a wide variety of shows, including TV, radio, and podcasts. She loves to share her message of leadership, empowerment, and entrepreneurship as well as all aspects of media and public relations.

Tracy's Recommendations

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