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Are you an entrepreneur, teleworker, freelancer, remote worker, or  independent contractor  looking for more community and support?

Do You...

  • ... love working from home but find yourself facing some unexpected challenges now that you've made the leap, and the honeymoon phase is over?
  • ...struggle with back, neck, or arm pain from sitting with a laptop on your couch, in bed, or at your kitchen table, possibly because you never set up an ergonomic home work space?
  • ...find yourself following the news and falling down the social media rabbit hole for too long when you have other things you know you should be working on?
  • remotely for a company yet feel distant from your colleagues and actually miss some of the social contact?
  • ...find yourself interrupted by friends and relatives while you're trying to work, because they don't understand that you need to adhere to certain business hours?
  • ...procrastinate and get behind on your work goals because you're sidetracked by cleaning and organizing your house and making elaborate meals, because you're home?
  •  ... feel anxious about being your own onsite tech support and not having adequate backup options such as when traveling with spotty WiFi connections?
  • ...have a difficult time making healthy food choices when you have full access to your kitchen all day?

If you can answer YES to any of these questions...

You are not alone.

Working from home is a dream job for many people, and it can be fantastic!


However, like anything, there are ups and downs.


We're here to support one another through the fun and adventures and freedom of working from a home office... and we are also here to support one another as we face some of the challenges that sometimes come along with the package.

How Would You Like to...

Feel connected and supported by people who understand the challenging aspects of working from home?

Partner with someone for accountability so you can focus on higher quality work output?

Focus on your work-life balance so that you can leave work at work even though you work from home?

Break some bad habits so you can improve your routines and increase your productivity?

Practice self-care by creating a comfortable work space and taking care of your one and only body?

We're here to help you find:



We are all about building a new community for people who work at home. Personality types aside, those of us who leave the office, store, school, or other brick-and-mortar setting for whatever reason often feel at least somewhat isolated if we don't establish new routines to replace some of the daily interaction we were accustomed to. It's not just the proverbial water cooler banter that we knew we would miss out on when we opted for a home office; but now we don't have as many greetings in the hallways, eye contact in the coffee shops, adult conversation. It's different now. We have something in common, so let's connect.


Touching base daily with another human is a proven way to stay accountable about what we're trying to accomplish and what we're getting done. We can help you get matched with an accountability partner from within our group. If you need the next level of support, we can recommend a professional accountability expert or can introduce you to coaches who specialize in things such as procrastination or productivity, whatever you need. Coming soon: Easy to use tools to help you track your progress and goals to help you optimize your workflow.



Everyone who works from home knows about the freedom that can come with the arrangement: Roll out of bed, wear comfy clothes, food and drink the way you like it, and no commute. This can mean money saved and more time in the day. However, some of us find it hard to call it a day with constant access to the work environment. At other times, it's hard to ignore all of the household duties and distractions that are ever present. Let's work together to find systems that work to keep our households running smoothly and encourage one another to keep things in perspective and avoid burnout.


If you have home office equipment or setup questions that you cannot figure out via Google or YouTube, you can use our Facebook community to search for solutions. We will work together to post our best recommendations and even crowdsource if necessary. If you are starting a small business or are an established entrepreneur but find yourself in a bottleneck trying to determine what tools you need to integrate, automate, etc, we can connect you with someone who specializes in helping make those decisions and who can do the setup for you or teach you how to use them.


Easy access to your own fridge, couch, and bed can be a blessing or curse when it comes to staying healthy. We have connections with a virtual team who specialize in daily accountability with food and exercise without requiring a gym membership or particular diet. We can also connect you with an experienced board certified professional ergonomist to assess your workspace and teach you how to use your equipment safely so you can avoid headaches and injuries. It's so helpful to talk to other people who also work remotely who can make recommendations based on what we have available.


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