Episode 30 

 All About Outschool, with Onboarding Specialist, Tegan Bombard 

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Show notes

Tegan Bombard is the onboarding specialist for Outschool, a remote learning platform. Outschool educators are made up of people with a wide variety of education and experience, from certified teachers who teach the core subjects, to circus performers, who teach juggling, and everything in between. The classes are presented in a range of formats as well, from one-time classes to semester long courses, as well as short courses, ongoing social classes, clubs, and camp formats. Tegan helps educators new to the platform with additional support during their onboarding phase.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming an Outschool teacher as a work-from-home opportunity, you can reach out to April about her personal experience with the application process. Outschool utilizes a referral program for new teachers. If you learned about Outschool through this episode and/or would like to apply using April as a referring teacher, please use this: link: https://outschool.com/teach?signup=true&usid=wuDKrrF5&utm_campaign=share_invite_link&teacherReferral=true