Episode 41 

 Design Your Dream Virtual Work Lifestyle, 

 with Julia Baldwin Taylor 

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Show notes

Julia Baldwin Taylor is a serial entrepreneur and business manifestation coach based out of a mountain town in Colorado who has, over the past several years, been able to design a dream schedule for her work-from-home lifestyle. In this episode, Julia shares about how she went from working full time in an office setting for an employer to slowly transitioning some of her hours to remote work to eventually starting her own online businesses by doing freelance work. A few years ago, Julia had a life-altering event that caused her to reevaluate her business priorities, including how she spent her energy, and made some changes in how she managed her time. She had two businesses selling physical products, sold one of the business, and set up drop shipping for the other one, so it has been a source of passive income for her. This has freed her up to spend more time on the road and with loved ones.

Julia is now focusing on her transformational coaching with an emphasis on mindset and manifestation and is in live calls with her clients every other week. She says that she loves showing people what's possible, especially alternative lifestyles and work situations like the one she's been able to achieve. For instance, she's often traveling five to six months out of the year. When Julia and her husband are traveling in their camper van/RV or internationally, she sticks to a more minimal schedule to maintain things; but when she is at their home base, she puts in more time working on building and growing her business. Therefore, her hours vary from 5-40 hours per week depending on what season of business she's in, designing her work schedule around her travel.

Julia is hosting a manifestation bootcamp June 15-17, 2021. You can learn more about it here: https://www.manifestationbootcamp.net/

You can find Julia here:
website: https://juliabaldwintaylor.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juliabaldwintaylor/