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Anaïs Comot is owner of HerCode Podcast and HerCommunity. In this episode, she tells her story about how she is originally from France and the corporate journey that led her to London where she is now a career strategist... See more


The Art of Productive Procrastination, with Joe Gallant, ep. 120

Joe Gallant is from Kent, England, and he is the owner of Be Gallant where he designs websites and other content and helps create visual identities for small startup businesses and charities. See more

Kelly McGinley, from Mechanicsburg, PA, is the principal consultant and owner of her company Function & Flow where she serves as a productivity specialist who loves to explore different tools and tactics for time and task management. See more

Steve Mellor is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA and he is owner and executive coach of Career Competitor LLC for 2 Years. His "first & final 30" advice is his key to every day where, in order to maximize productivity and mental health, ... See more

Jill Wright is is an author, podcaster, and coach at Grow Like a Mother based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She has two gigs and is currently commuting into the city for her corporate job while building up her coaching business... See more

Jessica Rhys-Griffith, from Shropshire, UK, is a work/life coach for female "mum" executives who are feeling not quite good enough. She helps her clients get to a place where they feel, calm, and confidently in control of their lives... See more

Shane Spraggs left his role in the office at the start of the pandemic and joined Virtira, a Canadian company that helps organizations work without boundaries by optimizing their remote teams and processes. See more

Janet McKenna Lowry is a small business owner running Massachusetts Tax School for Practitioners out of Greenfield, Massachusetts. Janet says that she is not a tax expert and never was particularly confident in her math skills... See more

Justin James owns Let Your Nerd Be Heard where he operates as a virtual event producer out of a home office in the Phoenix, Arizona, area. Justin offers oversight and technical support to make virtual events run smoothly for his clients... See more

Todd Paulsmeyer is a former software developer and consultant who has turned to product development of some innovative baby nail clippers he’s selling on Amazon. He works from a home office and his garage workshop in Denver Colorado... See more

Anna Burgess Yang is a former product manager turned freelance content marketer, journalist, and workflow consultant from Chicago. She is passionate about educating and equipping people to take control of their remote work lives and their careers. See more

Christine Reed is an author and freelancer who has traveled extensively around the states in three different vans as part of the vanlife movement, and she's looking forward to partnering soon with a company that builds out vans for people... See more

Jillian Yetter is a former high school English Teacher turned Audiobook Narrator who is based out of Delaware with her family. She loved working in the classroom but was strongly encouraged by a doctor to find a different profession... See more

Karen Cole lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is an experienced attorney who works from a home office. Karen has her own firm, Premium Legal Writing. She works with other lawyers on their cases, thinking through strategies... See more

Marshall O'Leary has been teaching for 17 years and playing music for 39 years. He plays and teaches the guitar, piano, and saxophone and also performs with his band, Glass Twin.  See more

Renee Seevers has lived in a tiny home for several years and is now in a “shorty” school bus. Renee is the CEO, a.k.a. crazy event organizer of TinyFest. This event helps give people exposure to more options for their life...  See more

For the last few years, Jason Dion was running his cybersecurity training business, Dion Training, from his guest room in his home in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. However, his remote-first company recently acquired office space near Orlando, Florida...  See more

Erin Tennant of Columbus, Ohio, is the owner of Grow Well Coaching. She is a mindset and weight loss coach for wellness who meets remotely with her network of local clients and those from other regions.  See more

Sarah Duran is a freelance project manager based out of Denver, Colorado. She's the founder/CEO of Fruition Initiatives, where she works with clients she's acquired through referrals, generally comprised of research teams at universities...  See more

Molly Rose Speed of Destin, Florida, loves to help people take skills they already possess to start a virtual assistant business. Molly is an expert in creating time freedom for clients and is the founder of Virtual Assistant Management...   See more

Chris and Jordan Fischer of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, are the creators of WALK-i-TASK, a treadmill workspace that can be added to most treadmills. While working from home, they designed and developed a height-adjustable desk.   See more

Ashley Connell of Austin, Texas, is the CEO of Prowess Project which supports caregivers and those who took an extended parental leave who have previous work experience, skills, and education.   See more

Rachna Mathur of Arizona works in STEM education and educational research, currently working on a doctorate in education. She's the founder of Stemology and has worked with students K-6 in coding, Lego Robotics... See more

Linda Brandt of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a self-declared "practical renegade community builder." By day, Linda promotes healthy workplaces at Hennepin County Public Health, including Hennepin County Health@Work...  See more

Kris is the founder of Reminiscence by Kris LeDonne. She is a New Jersey-based legacy maker who focuses on memory preservation by assisting her clients in finding lost and current memories from videos and pictures... See more

Sabrina St. Peter of Chicago is the owner of SmartSpark Business Solutions which provides bookkeeping services for service-based small businesses, especially those in the marketing industries like content creators... See more

Debbie Page, of Harrisville, New Hampshire, has worn several hats during 18 years of her work-from-home journey, starting as an RN and eventually also as a lactation consultant who met with clients in her front office. See more

Jubee Vilceus is a co-founder of Yellow Tail Tech, an EdTech company based out of Silver Spring, Maryland. His wife, Paloma, is his co-founder; and they started a training company for people with no technical background... See more

Michelle Fernandez of Miami, Florida, runs a boutique marketing agency where she and her team of remote contractors work with Facebook and Instagram ads and funnels.  

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Introverts Can Avoid Becoming Remote Work Hermits, with Caroline Wood, Ep. 92

Caroline Wood is an introvert who supports other introverts to build successful businesses. She does this through helping introverts design business models and services that work with their introversion.  See more

In this episode, Sara tells her story about how she went from applying at smaller companies to interviewing for a position at Google and how it felt for her as someone who works in HR to go through the interviewing and hiring process. See more

Liam Martin is a Canadian remote-first expert who cofounded Time Doctor, a time and productivity tracking tool, as well as Staff.com, an outsourcing company. See more

Mark Williams is a controls engineer at Egan Company who is living in South Saint Paul, Minnesota with his family. He is working in a flex/hybrid role where he can work nearly all of the time from his home with the option to use a drop-in desk as needed.  See more

Mark Degallier, owner and web developer at Little Light Media, appreciates the benefits and challenges of working from home. Being empty nesters and working from home, Mark and his wife, Elisabeth, moved from Wisconsin to sunny Arizona in 2018. See more

 Eric shares some of his tips for remote work including incorporating natural light into the workspace. He's an avid bird watcher and enjoys being able to see out his window while working.  See more

Emily Langr currently lives in Rochester, Minnesota, and works as an account executive for Metro Sales Inc, a local office supply company, specializing in photocopiers and the like. See more

Andrew Jones is a data analyst who, prior to March 2020, was working from home just once a week as a way to help with his hour-long commute. Andrew is originally from San Diego, California; but he has lived in Arizona for 8 years. See more

Andrew Jones is a data analyst who, prior to March 2020, was working from home just once a week as a way to help with his hour-long commute. Andrew is originally from San Diego, California; but he has lived in Arizona for 8 years. See more

Megan Burke is a certified feng shui consultant based out of Brooklyn, New York, who has taken a special interest in home offices and started WFH Feng Shui. See more

Ellen Goodwin is a productivity consultant, TEDx speaker, and author who uses neuroscience-based principles to enable individuals and businesses to overcome all types of procrastination, be more focused and manage their energy... See more

Chris Addams is a digital transformation specialist, software architecture consultant, and podcast host of That Tech Show, the podcast that reveals the magicians behind "magic" in the technology industry.. See more

Katie Matthews works from her home in Portland, Oregon, as the leader of the Customer Success team at The Presentation Company, a women-owned consulting firm helping enterprise customers create a culture of storytelling... See more

Elissa Unton is the CEO at ArcVida, a modern career guidance company based out of Los Angeles, California. Elissa partnered with career happiness coach Anna Hunter ... See more

Tina Sequeira recently left a full-time remote work position in order to focus on Trouvailles, her travel-themed subscription box business that she had been developing on the side. See more

Carol Delmonico of Bend, Oregon, is a life coach, mentor, and author with a background as an RN in health coaching. She enjoys helping people focus on their mental well-being and now works with people. See more

Jennie Whitt is a busy mother of two in Indianapolis, who has undergone a lot of changes in the past year or so, including buying and moving into her neighbor’s house, starting a doctorate program, leaving a role in a corporation... See more

Elizabeth is a grant writer with a background in plant biology, dance, and public administration as well as education. She has worked remotely for VIPKID and Orange English as well as writing grants remotely. See more

Louise Hopkin is a professional organizer and owner of a business called The Space Reclaimers, based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She's originally from New Zealand, so has made a few big moves in her lifetime... See more

Jan Heirtzler has been sewing ring slings for babywearing families for 20 years out of Durham, New Hampshire. She is well known among certain pockets of the babywearing community, and her company Sleeping Baby Productions... See more

Sarry Ibrahim has been working from home for the greater part of the past 10 years, currently working for himself in Chicago, Illinois, as an independent financial advisor/coach and independent insurance agent. See more

Mark Asquith is a public speaker and the CEO and co-founder of Captivate FM, a podcast hosting, analytics, and monetization platform based out of the UK. He's built several businesses since he started working for himself and with partners... See more

Christy Olsen and Kevin McLauchlin are the founders and managers of Cadence SEO, a search engine optimization and marketing company based out of the Phoenix East Valley in Gilbert, Arizona. See more

Willow Aldridge runs a small business doing in-home boarding of dogs, doggie daycare, drop-ins, and training and has high hopes of expanding this business on a larger scale to offer more things. See more

Sarah Giacopuzzi loves her job! She works in a project specialist position at an inverter company that handles utility-scale solar projects, and in this episode, she breaks down what her role is working in a company that makes solar fields... See more

Kit Halloff is a professional drummer, singer, and next-door neighbor to April Malone, in Gilbert, Arizona. He has an interesting work-from-home story in that he was a full-time musician who just happened to start a brand new desk job... See more

Colleen Biggs is an inspirational speaker, business growth coach, author, and founder of Lead UP for Women. She is based out of East Mesa in Gilbert, AZ, and offers business growth coaching for female entrepreneurs. See more

Risha Walden is a vegan interior designer based out of New Jersey, USA, who has been primarily working from home for the past 12 years, with the exception of some of her onsite consultations with her clients. See more

Ibrahim Dar is a Dubai-based public speaker, author, and confidence coach, who is currently working from home in Pakistan as he is preparing to get married later this month. See more

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Derrick Michaud is the founder and executive producer of a podcasting agency called Shelby Row Productions based out of the Memphis, Tennessee, area. Derrick had years of experience in radio and commercials... See more

 See more

Reena Vokoun has recently relocated from the silicone valley to the San Diego area. She is the founder and CEO of Passion Fit™ as well as a TEDx speaker, media spokesperson, certified wellness expert, personal and professional development coach... See more

Gaby Deimeke is a freelance lifestyle photographer who is currently based in Austin, Texas, though she enjoys moving about every two years. Gaby studied abroad in London for a couple of years learning fashion photography... See more

Samantha Milner is a six-figure food blogger and mother of three who just moved from Portugal back to the UK. Sam and her husband, Dominic, created a food blog called Recipe This in 2015 which is focused on recipes... See more

David Medansky is a retired divorce attorney turned international best-selling author located just west of Phoenix in Waddell, Arizona. Several years ago, he had a doctor who told him he either needed to make some healthy changes... See more

In this episode, Crystal reveals why she loves vacuuming at night and how getting things taken care of in the evening helps her feel ready to work on her business in the mornings. See more

Katherine Spinney is a leadership coach from Baltimore, Maryland, whose background includes master's degrees in both teaching and social work. She's worked in diverse environments from urban to rural to suburban to international. See more

Future-proof Your Work-From-Home Career, with Maulik Parekh, ep. 54

Maulik Parekh is an avid entrepreneur, speaker, and bestselling author, currently based in the metro area of Manila, Philippines. See more

Angel Ribo, of Plano, Texas, has spent the last 21 years helping over 1500 CEOs all around the world accelerate the growth of their businesses. See more

Katherine Spinney is a leadership coach from Baltimore, Maryland, whose background includes master's degrees in both teaching and social work. She's worked in diverse environments from urban to rural to suburban to international. See more

April Malone does a solo episode where she talks about some of the ways that she has combatted the social isolation that can come with working from home. She shares some of the ways that she's been able to make new friends.... See more

Jill Devine is a St. Louis native, an entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two little ones. Jill has spent the majority of her adult life as an on-air radio personality and spent over 20 years at numerous radio stations in the St. Louis area. See more

The Magic Of Children's Book Publishing, with Lara Law and Carrie Turley, Ep. 49

Lara Law and Carrie Turley are neighbors who just live 5 doors from one another who have joined forces and started a children's book publishing house together, Lawley Publishing. See more

How to Write A Compelling Resume, with Krista Morris, Ep.48

Krista Morris is the chief resume writer and founder of Virtuoso Resumes & Recruiting in Gilbert, Arizona; and her passion is helping connect people with the careers of their dreams. See more

Building a Work-From-Home Writing Career, With Nicki Krawczyk, Ep. 47

Nicki Krawczyk is a copywriter from Massachusetts, USA, with 15+ years of experience, writing for multi-billion-dollar companies, solopreneurs, and every size business in between. See more


In this Episode, Sara Hudson, of the Houston, Texas, metro area, is a benefits manager for a large organization that specializes in HR outsourcing services. See more

A Registered Dietitian’s Journey to Parenting and Writing, with Yaffi Lvova, Ep. 45

Yaffi Lvova is an experienced Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a proud mom of three boys, including twins. In this episode, Yaffi shares about how she went through school while hoping to start a family; and once she did have children... See more

 Where Should I Put My Home Office? with April Malone, ep. 44

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Creating a Culture of Community for Remote Workers, with Regina Uribe, ep. 43

Regina Uribe is a mom, wife, and ed tech professional who works from home by choice and necessity since Aug 2019. After working in higher education for almost 9 years, she started working remotely to be able to take care of her two kids... See more

Changing Careers and Retiring Abroad, with Emily Bron, Ep. 42

Emily Bron is currently based out of Toronto, Canada, but she says she doesn't know where she might be in a year or two as she's keeping her options open as her company is internet-based and she's hoping to begin traveling again soon. See more

Design Your Dream Virtual Work Lifestyle, with Julia Baldwin, ep. 41

Julia Baldwin Taylor is a serial entrepreneur and business manifestation coach based out of a mountain town in Colorado who has, over the past several years, been able to design a dream schedule for her work-from-home lifestyle. See more

finding balance between business and family, with krisna guyton Ep. 40

Krisna Guyton is a mother of three based out of North Carolina who provides time management and organizational coaching to mothers who are entering into entrepreneurship and need assistance with balancing family and business. See more

focused work leads to focused art project, with justin higgins, Ep. 39

Justin Higgins was able to start working remotely two years ago when he moved to Los Angeles, California, by negotiating with his employer at the time to cover his coworking space fees. See more

Starting A Podcast From Home is Easy, with Angie Griffith, Ep. 38

Angie Griffith had been living the life of a busy artist manager in Nashville, Tennessee; but even though it was scary to leave her title and cushy, salaried position, she's decided in the last year to go ahead... See more

Living the Remote Can Do Life, with Gail Gibson, Ep. 37

Christine McAlister joins us today from Louisville, Kentucky. In this episode, Christine talks about how the unexpected loss of their first child was devastating yet became a turning point in her life and career. See more

Living the Remote Work Life with Passion, with Christine McAlister, Ep. 36

Christine McAlister joins us today from Louisville, Kentucky. In this episode, Christine talks about how the unexpected loss of their first child was devastating yet became a turning point in her life and career. See more

A Digital Nomad at Heart, with Ali Greene, Ep. 35

Ali Greene comes to us today from Javea, Spain. She is originally from the USA but started working remotely in 2014 and started her digital nomad life soon thereafter, traveling around the world for several years... See more

dedicated Home Offices Versus Hybrid Options with Rael Bricker, ep. 34

Rael Bricker joins us today from Perth, Australia, to talk about his extended work-from-home journey and how he has landed upon his current hybrid setup with an office onsite as well as his home office...  See more

pros and cons of remote work, with ute franzen-waschke, Ep. 33

Ute Franzen-Waschke, of Holle, Germany, specializes in corporate culture and communication and has been working from home as a coach and consultant for nearly two decades.  See more

25 Years Working From Home, With Publicist, Tracy Lamourie, Ep. 32

Tracy Lamourie has worked from home for over 25 years. She’s now a high-profile international award-winning publicist, based out of Hamilton, in Ontario, Canada. April asked her if she could think way back to talk about how she originally...  See more

Strong and Capable and Working From Home, with Brigette Heller, Ep. 31

Brigette Heller is a work-from-home mom in Gilbert, Arizona. In the past year, Brigette has transitioned from working full time in a school office to starting two businesses based out of her home. See more

All About Outschool, with Onboarding Specialist, Tegan Bombard, ep. 30

Tegan Bombard is the onboarding specialist for Outschool, a remote learning platform. Outschool educators are made up of people with a wide variety of education and experience, from certified teachers who teach the core subjects... See more

A Backup Plan for Everything, Ep. 29

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hiring a nanny while working from home, ep. 28

At some point, when someone who has young children is working from home, the topic of childcare is bound to come up. Should I have someone come to my home? Should I bring my kids somewhere else? What are my options? See more

change and choices, ep. 27

Michelle Zuspan is one of the many people who began working from home unexpectedly as a result of the pandemic. In this episode, she shares about how she needed to bring her work computer into her own bedroom... See more

Working For The Government From A Farm, EIEIO, ep. 26

Shawn Riley is the chief information officer and cabinet member to Governor Burgum of North Dakota; but back home on his hobby farm in Southeastern Minnesota with his wife and kids, he's affectionately known as Chief E-I-E-I-O. See more

the ups and downs of tutoring online, ep. 25

Elton Curtis has been working as an online tutor/teacher for the past 4 years, first as an ESL conversation partner through Cambly, then as an ESL tutor through iTutorGroup, and most recently as a tutor through Varsity Tutors. See more

utilizing flexibility in working through a pandemic, ep. 24

Brodie Hubbard, otherwise known as Hub, is a writer, storyteller, and performer from the Phoenix East Valley. He is also a husband and full time dad working from home since the beginning of the pandemic. In a past life, he was an English Lit major and also received an MFA in creative writing.  See more

juggling entertainment and a desk job, ep. 23

Charles Dolbel is a balloon twisting, juggling, fire performer in Auckland, New Zealand, who lost most of his income overnight due to the pandemic and quickly got a work-from-home desk job working in a call center for an essential service... See more

on routines and forming habits, ep. 22

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21Manage Stress and learn when to slow down, Ep. 21

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adventures in teaching esl from peru, ep. 20

Joe Milne has taught over 70,000 Asian students as an online ESL teacher. He's from England but has been now living in Peru for 7 years. In addition to teaching, he focuses on content creation and teacher training... See more


on parenting, productivity, and products, Ep. 19

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18your procrastination prevention partner, eric twiggs, ep. 18

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using food as medicine and healthy lifestyles to reduce stress, ep. 17

Nicole Eichinger has been a registered dietitian for 12 years who has been meeting with and supporting her clients virtually for the past 6 years with nutrition counseling sessions as well as some online courses... See more


the work-from-home e-mail security guy, ep. 16

 Dan Wheeler is a professional services consultant who has been in the IT industry for over 25 years but has focused on information security, specifically email security, for the last 6 years. He's been working from home for 2 years now... See more




15Avoiding overwhelm with automation, ep. 15

Rachelle Deem is an automation and integration specialist from Australia who specializes in helping female entrepreneurs put some of the more mundane or manual tasks of their day-to-day work on autopilot in order to free up more time... See more


high-school dropout to digital marketing expert, entrepreneur, and educator, ep. 14

Dylan Ogline has been self-employed as an entrepreneur for the greater part of his life, since he was 14 years old, selling cell phones at a profit and creating websites instead of finishing high school... See more


workology: The study of work and working from anywhere, ep. 13

Jonas Altman describes himself as a workologist, someone who studies work in order to help people do their best work. In this interview, April and Jonas talk about "Zoom fatigue" and how listening and having a conversation without always being on video... See more


projects, and podcast, and putting a plan on paper, ep. 12

Trevor Newberry is the owner and operator of Newberry Consulting and the co-founder of AppThink. With both companies, Trevor's goal is to help first-time and non-technical founders save time and money building their software products... See more

11making connections while juggling kids and work, ep. 11

 Jen Huish is a NC Certified Public Accountant working for a company in California from her home office in Arizona. Jen is also mother to two amazing children, ages six and nine, which makes work-life balance a very high priority for her! See more




conversation with a minimalist financial entrepreneur, ep. 10

Jermane Cheatem is a financial entrepreneur who is living a minimalistic lifestyle and using the freedom he's created for himself to travel the world while working from anywhere. He typically reserves AirBnB places with his partner... See more


facing your fears in work and life, ep. 9

April Malone interviews Adam Webber, who is the founder and developer of a podcast app called CallCast. Adam is currently working from home since March of 2020 and has been working with a team to develop phone app... See more


master your talk and change the world, ep. 8

Brenden Kumarasamy is the founder of MasterTalk, a YouTube channel he started to help the world master the art of public speaking and communication. Brenden works a day job in addition to his coaching business, all from his basement office... See more


april's work-from-home journey, ep. 7

April Malone, the host of Yes, I Work From Home, does a solo episode this week and shares portions of her own story about working from home for 12 years through 5 moves while going from a single woman to a mother of three... See more


keeping busy while semi-retired in paradise, ep. 6

Ken Shute is a semi-retired hobby entrepreneur who is currently based on the big island in Hawaii. He has been part of the balloon entertainment industry for 15 years; but, now that he has moved his business from California to Hawaii... See more


the life of a teleworking night shift mom, ep. 5

Angela Norlien is a full-time medical transcriptionist/healthcare documentation specialist and mother of six who works from home on the night shift for a medical clinic. April and Angela actually worked together on the overnight... See more


how to make a 40-hour workweek manageable, ep. 4

Matthew Stublefield is the head of education and a lead product manager at Adaptavist, the largest Atlassian services provider worldwide. Adaptavist is primarily a remote-work company based out of the UK, though they do have offices in several... See more


interview with a virtual high school english teacher, ep. 3

Amber Van Hale is in her 10th year of teaching high school English for a virtual public charter school in Wisconsin, and she had 5 years experience teaching in brick and mortar schools prior to moving online... See more

2conversation with a work-from-home pharmacist, ep. 2

Nicole Epplin is a pharmacist living on an acreage with her family in the lovely hills of Southern Illinois. In the past, she was able to work 2-days a week from home with just her phone's hotspot; but now that she is working full-time from home... See more


learning  to grow a business at home, Ep. 1

Our first guest on the Yes, I Work From Home Podcast is Ryan Langr, from Austin, Minnesota. Ryan's held a few various positions over the years but has transitioned more recently from being a stay-at-home to a work-from-home dad...  See more