Episode 48

 How to Write A Compelling Resume, 

 with Krista Morris 

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Show notes

Krista Morris is the chief resume writer and founder of Virtuoso Resumes & Recruiting in Gilbert, Arizona; and her passion is helping connect people with the careers of their dreams. With more than 20 years of experience as an executive, hiring manager, and consultant, Krista started her journey as a career services entrepreneur in the best of ways...by accident. In this episode, Krista shares about how she left her office job around the birth of her second child and has been her own boss for 14 years now. She shares a business with her husband; and they both work from home, from separate offices, on separate floors of the house; and this arrangement has worked well for them for the past 7 years. Her husband runs the recruiting side of their business; and, together, they've coordinated parenting and household duties and enjoy making their own schedules.

Today, Krista leads the premier resume writing consultancy in the East Valley and is currently accepting new clients. Krista keeps up to date with current trends in resume writing and combines this with the listening skills she developed in the past when she was in social services. She’s formulated a comprehensive screening process that helps her really get to know her clients so that she can help everyone round out their resumes with details they might not ever think to include. She offers resume services for people ranging from high school students to C-suite professionals and everyone in between.

You can find Krista in the following places:

Virtuoso Resumes: https://virtuosoresumes.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristamorris

If anyone is interested in learning more about writing resumes, Krista recommends checking out the resources of Laura DeCarlo on the website at https://careerdirectors.com/