Episode 81 

 That Tech Show and the Magic Behind Technology, 

 with Chris Addams 

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Show notes

Chris Addams is a digital transformation specialist, software architecture consultant, and podcast host of That Tech Show, the podcast that reveals the magicians behind "magic" in the technology industry. His background includes helping bring Amazon's Prime Video to the UK, and he's worked for other large corporations in the past as well.

In this episode, Chris talks about how he's been renovating his home in London for 4 years. When he's not working from home; and recently he's been eating, sleeping, and working from the same room as he makes a big push to the finish line to get the biggest projects done sooner than later. He talks about how the renovations have affected his ability to cook and exercise so hoping to finish soon so that not only will he and his wife have a dust-free house again, but he's also looking forward to dedicating more of his time to starting a new business relating to automating things in hotels.

Chris coaches and consults and discusses technology with other tech experts, though the teams he's worked with aren't necessarily all home-based. However, even before video conferencing was common, he was experienced in connecting with teams from remote locations around the world, sometimes an entire conference room of people connecting with another conference room. Now, the dynamics are somewhat different as people are logging in from home. In That Tech Show podcast, they often talk about working from home as we all figure out how to deliver the technology in a post-pandemic world.

Chris can be found on his podcast's website as well as on Twitter:
Twitter: @ThatTechShow_