Episode 113

 the evolution of working from home, 

 with justin james 

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Show notes

Justin James owns Let Your Nerd Be Heard where he operates as a virtual event producer out of a home office in the Phoenix, Arizona, area. Justin offers oversight and technical support to make virtual events run smoothly for his clients, who are often entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, course creators, and coaches. Justin is brilliant with making Zoom look good and work well for his clients with all the bells and whistles. He helps with transitions and monitors the chat and managing any technical support issues that come up for guests so that the presenters can simply do the talking and still look and sound professional.

In this episode, Justin talks about his work-from-home journey. He's worked from home for 9 of the last 23 years, first for 4 years, was back in the office for awhile, and then now fully remote again for the past 5 years. He currently has a three-monitor desk for his long-term day job work as a software developer and another with more like 9 monitors in the same office for his other production projects. He has a red and green busy light outside the office that functions as an "on-air" light, so that his family knows when they can enter the office and when to knock to ask to enter.

Justin also offers event mentoring services. He has ranked 4 times as an Amazon International Best Selling Author and currently has an upcoming project, a course called The Tech Made E.A.S.Y. Solution: How to Keep Your Focus on Your Content, Offer, and Coaching, Not On Complicated Tech which can be found soon on his Let Your Nerd Be Heard website.

Justin James can be found in the following places:

Website: https://letyournerdbeheard.com
Blog: https://blog.letyournerdbeheard.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/letyournerdbeheard