Episode 76 

 A Candid Conversation With a Remote Working Mama, 

 with Jennie Whitt 

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Show notes

Jennie Whitt is a busy mother of two in Indianapolis, who has undergone a lot of changes in the past year or so, including buying and moving into her neighbor’s house, starting a doctorate program, leaving a role in a corporation to branch out as a consultant, and starting a pop-up craft store in a former dental office inside of her home. In addition, she's actively involved in her local community in more than one capacity as well as has created a couple of online communities, including one for people who found themselves working unexpectedly in remote-work positions, temporarily and permanently, Remote Working Community. She's also the admin of a more intimate yet growing Facebook group specifically for women who are juggling life with kids and work, Remote Working Mamas.

In this episode, Jennie talks about how she spent 16 years with a company and kept busy with a number of projects in a tech marketing, learning/development field roll, software project manager, kind of a jack of all trades. She ran a sales team and customer service group, supported hundreds of sales reps, did a big migration of data, and did some big launches. However, she recently chose to change paths and start a consulting firm. Jennie describes herself as passionate about connecting users with the software that makes doing what they do possible, well-rounded experience in software product management, project management, accounting, and marketing. She's currently working on finishing up degrees in instructional systems technology and adult education at Indiana University.

Jennie also shares about some of the ups and downs of traveling away from her family for several weeks last spring, moving, what it was like trying to find in-home help for her kids, how her husband ended up taking over her office at one point, and some of the ways she combats a desire to work longer and longer hours to keep her family as her first priority. Her former colleagues knew her as Jennifer Whitt, but as she is transitioning into her new consultant role with new clients, she's embracing her preferred nickname and owning it.

You can find Jennie in the following places:

Website: https://www.verandaindy.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenniewhitt/