Episode 95 

 Finding Your Work-From-Home Rhythm, 
 with Debbie Page 

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Show notes

Debbie Page, of Harrisville, New Hampshire, has worn several hats during 18 years of her work-from-home journey, starting as an RN and eventually also as a lactation consultant who met with clients in her front office. She started to work part time with her now late husband with the business he owned, downsizing a warehouse as they embraced drop-shipping and brought the offices home. Debbie eventually took over the Louis E. Page fencing supplies business after he passed away and is still doing that alongside of some of her other projects. 

In this episode, Debbie shares some of the ways that she and her husband were able to work separately in different parts of the house but still got together every hour for some dancing to make sure they kept on moving and drank enough water. She and her husband would spend some time every morning discussing their plans and goals for the day. Now that she is living alone, her routines have changed; and Debbie has turned to more journaling and routines to keep herself motivated and find her own rhythm. She now is able to work from more than one place in her house and breaks up her day with several exercise routines as well as several minutes of cold water in the shower (and is considering taking it to the next level with ice in the bathtub as part of her healthy lifestyle). She finds that writing things down before she starts working really helps her focus on her own work and then also uses Calendly for appointment scheduling. 

Debbie is now the founder and owner of Woman Emerged as teaching and coaching are her passions, and she is always excited by people who live to learn. She's also finishing up her new book: Woman Emerged: Create the Life You Desire, By Becoming the Woman You Love which should be available this fall. She continues to support moms through the Inspired Mom Summit which is coming up again this September 29-October 2. She is passionate about working from home and wants to empower others to pursue the opportunities. 

Inspired Mom Summit: inspiredmomsummit.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/debbie.page
Website: debbiehpage.com
If you'd like to contact Debbie, reach out to her assistant to get connected: Jenn @ debrapage.com