Episode 97 

 Finding a Unique Niche You Can Do From Home,

 with Kris LeDonne 

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Show notes

Kris is the founder of Reminiscence by Kris LeDonne. She is a New Jersey-based legacy maker who focuses on memory preservation by assisting her clients in finding lost and current memories from videos and pictures and organizing and protecting printed and digital memories. She believes in preserving, managing, and enjoying photos on a new level. A former educator, Kris was working with photo albums on the side and has over 18 years of experience in memory preservation and still enjoys designing elegant albums and photo decor such as gallery walls. She understands the technology frustrations and organization hurdles that people face and approaches her work with compassion and discretion and enjoys educating adults in this way as well, outside of the classroom. Her services also help small businesses who need to organize videos and images of their work for marketing, and she offers a full-service option for people or businesses who need hands-on help but is also willing to teach her clients how to organize and manage their own print and digital memories.

In this episode, Kris talks about how she found her passion in providing people happiness through photos and videos, and how she continued to grow as a work-from-home business, transforming captured memories from chaos to simple digital systems. Originally, Kris was primarily working with physical photos for the people in her region, driving around and picking up and dropping off photos and working with them in her home office area. She sometimes works side-by-side with her clients but was able to continue working with a lot of no-contact porch pickup options during the height of the pandemic. Now, she's able to help more people remotely as more and more people are shifting their photo and video storage to the cloud. For those who have piles of paper photos or don't have all their digital photos off of old devices and organized into one place, Kris is offering a course called Digital Peace for those who could use the extra support in getting it all under control so that the photos can be enjoyed and preserved and passed down.

You can find Kris, her course, and her website below:

Grab Kris's freebie here: https://mailchi.mp/krisledonne/tidyup 
Creative Memories (if you were curious) https://www.creativememories.com/cm/kris