Episode 77 

 Celebrate the Small Stuff, 

 with Carol Delmonico 

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Show notes

Carol Delmonico of Bend, Oregon, is a life coach, mentor, and author with a background as an RN in health coaching. She enjoys helping people focus on their mental well-being and now works with people who are discouraged by the current status quo lifestyle and want to live in line with their deeper values and have more meaning and joy every day. Carol has been helping her clients transition through some of the changes the pandemic has brought into the lives of so many, and she is quick to say that it's not so much about work-life balance that people are looking for but simply life balance.

In this episode, Carol shares how she's been able to connect with others through laughter yoga, even online through Zoom. Getting down on all fours and baa-ing like a sheep is a great way to set the mood and lighten the atmosphere to help people move into deeper laughter and the feel-good hormones that come with it, even for those who might not initially feel like laughing. She also talks about the importance of celebrating small wins by taking mini-breaks about 2 minutes long. Carol feels that adopting an attitude of wonder can be life-changing, and she encourages others to ask questions that start with phrases such as "I wonder what would happen if..." and "I wonder how I can..."

Carol and her co-creator, Casey Davis, wrote guidebooks for Wonder Uprising and host workshops in person and online together. They offer mentoring and classes where people can reflect, consider, and unfurl a wider and deeper wondering. Carol works the majority of the time as a solopreneur and loves to mentor people who feel disconnected from parts of themselves and are looking for greater well-being through reconnecting.

If you'd like to reach Carol, she can be found through her website:

Website: https://wonderuprising.com/