Episode 66 

 Recovering After Technical Difficulties, 

 with colleen biggs 

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Show notes

Colleen Biggs is an inspirational speaker, business growth coach, author, and founder of Lead UP for Women. She is based out of East Mesa in Gilbert, AZ, and offers business growth coaching for female entrepreneurs. Her organization also has a magazine as well as a twice-weekly podcast and other events happening on a regular basis, in person as well as with women coming from several countries and meeting together online.

Colleen has been working from home now for 18 years and, like many entrepreneurs, has had to learn how to be her own tech help, learning new skills as well as troubleshoot her own technical difficulties. In this episode, Colleen talks about her recent experience with having her computer factory reset and the painful experience of realizing that not all files were backing up to the cloud as she thought they were and having files recovered off of her computer but then dumped all into one folder. We talk about backing up documents and some of the humbling lessons we've both experienced as we each had a similar experience this past week with needing to get caught up to speed again with everything after wiping our computers and starting fresh again. Although we've both been working from home for some time, it's sometimes easy to get comfortable and stop doing the important maintenance required to keep computers running.

Colleen just released a new book called Step into the Spotlight to Expand Your Influence and Attract the Right Clients, available on Amazon for Kindle.

You can find Colleen in the following places:

Website: https://colleenbiggs.net/

Leadup for women: https://www.leadupforwomen.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leadupforwomen

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