Episode 24 

 Utilizing flexibility in working through a pandemic 

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Show notes

Brodie Hubbard, otherwise known as Hub, is a writer, storyteller, and performer from the Phoenix East Valley. He is also a husband and full time dad working from home since the beginning of the pandemic. In a past life, he was an English Lit major and also received an MFA in creative writing. He's from Arizona but did a stint in LA but ended up closer to home as he and his wife were growing their family. Hub talks about how he has engaged in work in a few different industries over the past decade and how having a family has changed some of his priorities. He continues to write but also started working with a local startup that has recently been acquired by a larger corporation in recent years. As with so many others, his office job was switched to a home office setup; and Brodie and his team have worked together to adjust their schedules to accommodate clients in various time zones and to also cover one another by flexing their schedules to accommodate some personal responsibilities such as caring for loved ones during the pandemic. His work has been part of Shakeytown Radio, Modest Proposal Magazine, Drunk Monkeys, Soy Not Oi, and as a writer and web/blog editor at Meow Meow Pow Pow.