Episode 93 

 Setting Boundaries While Working From Home, 

 with Michelle Fernandez 

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Show notes

Michelle Fernandez of Miami, Florida, runs a boutique marketing agency where she and her team of remote contractors work with Facebook and Instagram ads and funnels. Michelle came to the entrepreneurial side after working a long time in the mortgage industry and speaks about how she has handled the switch and which routines from that time she's retained and how she's traded the extremely long hours for more flexibility and freedom. 

In this episode, Michelle discusses creating boundaries at home while working as she works to balance a relatively flexible lifestyle while maintaining structure during the workday. She also talks about knowing oneself and how personality plays into whether someone might want or need to work from another location at times to keep things fresh as her daughter does or to be around people, like her husband prefers. Michelle has learned that she can build her time off around her clients' promotional schedules and is to the point now in her business that she doesn't have to work from the road when she goes to visit her adult twins, even though she could. She views working from home as a discipline where she needs to have the discipline to get up and work as well as the discipline to set boundaries and expectations with clients and herself to remember to stop working. Michelle recommends Clickup software as it has been crucial for her as she is managing the team routines, projects, workflows and tracking deadlines. With her office in another room of the house as well as other family members living in the same household, she has learned to set limits on what she will and won't do during her regular work day. 

 If you'd like to learn more about Michelle, check out her podcast: The Traffic & Conversions Show with Michelle Fernandez.


Website: http://themichellefernandez.com/

Instagram: instagram.com/themichellefernandez