Episode 90 

 Asynchronous Management for Remote-First Teams, 

 with Liam Martin 

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Show notes

Liam Martin is a Canadian remote-first expert who cofounded Time Doctor, a time and productivity tracking tool, as well as Staff.com, an outsourcing company. Liam is also a co-organizer of Running Remote, a conference for those who are building/scaling remote teams. Liam is passionate about using transparency in time management in companies from the top-down, building trust, and empowering teams to work whenever and wherever they want. He has worked remotely for about 20 years at this point and loves to research and discuss the evolution and future of remote teams. He recently co-authored a book, Running Remote: Master the Lessons from the World's Most Successful Remote-Work Pioneers about remote work methodology such as asynchronous management.

In this episode, Liam introduces us briefly to his family. He also shares a bit about his personal routine and home office. When asked about what he did with all of his clothes in his closet when he decided to work from that space, he shared that he built some of his routines around saving his decision-making capacity for larger-scale projects, so he has invested in multiple copies of the same outfit and keeps it at various locations around the world that he likes to frequent. He is currently prioritizing speaking on podcasts in anticipation of the upcoming conference and book release, so investing less time in decisions about things like what he'll eat for breakfast opens up more time for these other priorities. He speaks about how innovation in the remote working industry will change the way we work and argues that 20% of someone's workday is doing work, and the other 60% is doing things around work. Liam and his team use Time Doctor to share with one another how they're spending their time and making the most of their time at work, freeing up more time for the things that are important to them outside of work.

You can find Liam and his suggestions in the podcast on the following links:
Running Remote: https://runningremote.com/
TimeDoctor: https://www.timedoctor.com/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/runningremote
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/liammcivormartin/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/liamremote
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/liamremote/