Episode 96 

 Preparing to Become a Digital Nomad, 

 with Sabrina St. Peter 

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Show notes

Sabrina St. Peter of Chicago is the owner of SmartSpark Business Solutions which provides bookkeeping services for service-based small businesses, especially those in the marketing industries like content creators, public relations, marketing, advertising, using a digital product to help people track their income and expenses throughout the year. Currently, Sabrina sets up her main workspace so that it all tucks into her hall closet and uses Focusmate for virtual coworking accountability. She generally splits her time between working on her booking business and leading her team and also does the books for several clients as well.

In this episode, Sabrina shares how she has a side business where she often dog sits for several of her neighbors and people in her area and has been preparing to embark on a digital nomad lifestyle by housesitting and/or dog sitting while traveling abroad and stateside as well in order to cover her lodging. She has invested in a portable second monitor that attaches magnetically to her laptop and is able to travel with her home office setup with just a carry-on and personal bag. She has been looking into the option of long-term renting her condo out while she's out as well. Since she doesn't have her own animals, she has the freedom to travel freely and also stay locally with some friends and family and in the homes of clients who need pet sitting when she's in the area. She's also planning on staying in co-living spaces designed for digital nomads.

If you'd like to reach out to Sabrina to learn more about her bookkeeping business, you can find her in the following places:

Website: www.yoursmartspark.com/yesiwfh
E-mail: hello @ yoursmartspark.com