Online Classroom Strategy Session


25-minute single ($37), 55-minute family ($77)

For: teachers and/or families new to online teaching, distance learning, remote classrooms, hybrid options, online homeschooling, etc. For those who will be teaching or attending classes on camera, we will go through a classroom checklist for the following:

  • lighting options
  • camera angles
  • audio considerations
  • ergonomic setup
  • limiting distractions

You'll receive additional suggestions and tips, tricks, and tools for teaching and/or learning online. We'll discuss how to use what you already have, with some recommendations for additional resources when you're doing your back-to-school shopping or creating a teacher/classroom wishlist.




Work from home - Initial Strategy Session


45-minute session

Depending on whether or not you're already working from home, we will customize this session based on your unique needs. We will talk about your current situation and what you'd like to improve about your work-from-home office setup as well as considerations for work-life balance. We will discuss topics such as:

  • ergonomic considerations
  •  productivity tips
  •  time management tools
  • work-life balance for singles and those with families.

We will go through a checklist and focus on the areas where you need the most support, with personalized and specific recommendations as you look to begin and/or improve your work-from-home lifestyle.




Productivity and Accountability Intake


75-minute sesion
Initial intake session for people who work from home who want to increase their motivation and accountability with organization, planning, and goal setting. We will discuss online tools versus keeping track of tasks, priorities, and goals on paper and some of the pros and cons of several methods.

After we discuss what you've tried in the past, we will explore some systems that might work well with your current workflow and personality type and discuss how you can implement them on an ongoing basis. Focus is on usability and sustainability. 

We will discuss the nature of your workflow and some of your productivity challenges and concerns and whether or not you feel you'd benefit from daily, weekly, or monthly check-ins with an accountability partner or coach.