Episode 22 

 on routines and forming habits 

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Show notes

We are back from our winter break! This episode focuses on habits and routines and how they’re related yet not the same thing. For some people who work from home, it can be difficult to break out of unhealthy habits and establish healthy ones when out of the public eye. For others, it’s a great opportunity to get a fresh start. When we let some of our bad work and posture habits go unchecked as we are working from a home office, it can lead to avoidable injury. It’s time to take some bad habits and start to restructure some things to work on replacing old ways with better routines. Building productive routines is easiest with accountability that comes with working directly with another human, whether or not we’re physically in the same building. If you’re interested in reaching out for some daily accountability as you’re working to build some new structure into your day, feel free to reach out to April to discuss where you are at and what you’d like to establish.