Episode 83 

 Work From Home Feng Shui, 

 with Megan Burke 

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Show notes

Megan Burk is a certified feng shui consultant based out of Brooklyn, New York, who has taken a special interest in home offices and started WFH Feng Shui. She is passionate about helping her clients feel good in their work spaces and homes by using feng shui principles in ways that are easy to implement. She initially worked as a foot reflexologist all over NYC doing corporate health fairs, and this led to an interest in Chinese healing arts that focus on balancing the five elements in our bodies and environment. Now with a feng shui certification, she empowers people to feel harmony in their homes through elemental balance, space clearing, and beyond.

In this episode, Megan talks about several elements of Feng Shui that go beyond simply placing furniture in a pleasing manner. She talks about how people generally go home to rest and recharge, eat, and sleep. When someone needs to be productive and active in that same space, there are certain things they can consider as they set up a dedicated work space. Megan provides those who are new to feng shui a deeper look into its fundamental principles, considering things that affect all five senses. Megan created a digital product "Getting in Command, Change Your Life!" and offers video consultations on making your work-from-home life productive, efficient, and full of energy. 

Megan can be found in the following places: 

www.wfhfengshui.com (home office specific) or www.samadhi.com (general principles)