Episode 115 

 The Power Of Working From Home, 

 with Shane Spraggs 

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Show notes

Shane Spraggs left his role in the office at the start of the pandemic and joined Virtira, a Canadian company that helps organizations work without boundaries by optimizing their remote teams and processes. Virtira had been working remotely since 2007. It was interesting for him to learn their best practices while remote work was evolving as a result of the pandemic. He is now the CEO of Virtira. He lives in PST a few hours from Vancouver, but most of his team is out East, and the company serves teams in the USA as well.

In this episode, Shane talks about his experiences working remotely as a CEO. He is passionate about remote management, strategic planning, and culture. They have a "no meeting Friday" policy at their company that is followed, for the most part. If someone can book at least a week in advance, they'll be guaranteed to be able to pick any time of day. He feels that at this point in his career and his role, he has a pretty good handle on being able to moderate his work with everything else and enjoys how he has the flexibility to go for a morning hike with friends every morning and can fit in the occasional urgent project. He shares some of his remote-work advice: "Don't eat at your desk - it's far too easy to overeat, plus you miss an opportunity to take a break." He's also a fan actually using his sit-stand desk.
Shane has been driving successful projects for a variety of notable media and software start-ups for 25 years. Shane recently co-authored a book with Cynthia Watson, The Power of Remote, which just launched on February 7, 2023. Virtira's website offers a remote readiness assessment that reviews an organization's fitness for remote work.

Connect via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shane-spraggs/
Virtira website: Virtira.com