Episode 78 

 Starting a Subscription Box Business From Home, 

 with Tina Sequeira 

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Show notes

Tina Sequeira recently left a full-time remote work position in order to focus on Trouvailles, her travel-themed subscription box business that she had been developing on the side. Tina is well-traveled and is currently located with her husband and daughter near Montreal in Quebec, Canada; however, she originally spent the first 15 years of her life in Dubai, UAE, which was an excellent launch point for her family to travel internationally each summer as they left to enjoy cooler weather elsewhere.

Tina launched Trouvailles, a bi-monthly travel subscription box, last year during the pandemic. In March 2020, when pandemic lockdowns began, Tina was preparing to go on year-long maternity leave. Shocked by the mass travel shutdowns worldwide, she began to think of a safe way to bring authentic travel experiences directly to people's homes. As she had more time on her hands, she found herself researching and creating a detailed business plan, all on her phone while holding a sleeping or nursing baby. By October, she had launched a fast-growing innovative subscription box service that delivers a curation of authentic imported foods and lifestyle products from new destinations every two months. Now, a year later, it has been named amongst the "Best Travel Gifts of 2021" by Air Canada's enRoute magazine.

In this episode, Tina speaks about how, over the course of her 8 years with her previous company, she experienced working remotely, working onsite, and a hybrid of each before entering into the lockdown stage of the pandemic where many colleagues ended up working remotely unexpectedly and how that affected some who had worked remotely for some time. For the past year, she was continuing to work her full-time job in addition to launching the subscription box company, and as of October 2021, she was able to resign from her previous job and took on a part-time position with a company out of the UK. She talks about some of the struggles and freedoms she’s experienced and some creative ways she was able to keep a two-year-old happy and busy while attending zoom meetings during a season when their daycare was closed.

You can check out Tina's subscription boxes here: https://trouvaillesbox.com