Episode 117 

 Building Time Management Skills, 

 with Jill Wright 

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Show notes

Jill Wright is is an author, podcaster, and coach at Grow Like a Mother based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She has two gigs and is currently commuting into the city for her corporate job while building up her coaching business with an eye toward perhaps eventually transitioning out of her 9-5 to focus solely on her own business. In this episode, Jill shares some time management and productivity tips for working mothers, including those who juggle things as work-from-home mamas. Jill shares some tips that might be of use, especially to single moms and those with shared custody, and gives some of her own advice about how she has managed her time around her family's unique schedule which, for her, sometimes means that her down time and a chance to decompress happens on her commute to her day job so that she has more time for focus on her coaching business and clients when she's working from home.

Jill has dedicated the last 4 years to personal development as she grew her business and taught others how to achieve alignment and balance in all of their roles through a variety of techniques. She does have free workshops, digital courses, and offers 1:1 and group coaching, and is willing to share her free 5-day video series. She is an entrepreneur-turned-life coach focused on helping moms achieve alignment with themselves and balance in all areas of their lives.

Jill can be found in the following places:
Website: www.livingwithheart.ca
Podcast: Grow Like A Mother
Instagram: @growlikeamother