Episode 84 

 How a Data Analyst Reclaims His Commute Time, 

 with andrew jones 

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Show notes

Andrew Jones is a data analyst who, prior to March 2020, was working from home just once a week as a way to help with his hour-long commute. Andrew is originally from San Diego, California; but he has lived in Arizona for 8 years. He's worked in various analyst roles since 2014. In 2016, he completed an MBA and started working as a senior quality analyst for an identity protection firm. He now works as a data analyst for a consulting firm and is part of a small team that is contracted to work for multiple state agencies around the country. Due to the pandemic, he now works from home full time with an occasional trip to the office to complete some paperwork about once a month.

Initially, when he started working from home five days a week, Andrew's productivity was through the roof; because there were some extra fires to put out at work, and, since he didn't need to spend two hours on the road, he got more done on the computer and was catching up on things throughout the evening as well. However, that eventually led to burnout; so, he and the rest of his team have been trying to be more diligent with managing their work schedule, and many shifted their hours slightly earlier as well so they can get off work early enough to still run errands before places close. Andrew primarily utilizes the former commute time for activities such as exercising or chores around the house, and he tries to make time to be intentional about including movement throughout the day, whether it's chair yoga from the office or taking a walk around the neighborhood for a lunch break away from the computer.

In this episode, Andrew shared how he likes to keep his work tasks and household tasks separate. His wife is back to work onsite, so he's home alone with their pets throughout the day. He uses a task organization app to help keep track of things he wants to get done at the house when he has availability, setting reminders to get started on certain things outside of his working hours. As an extrovert looking to maintain some in-person interaction, he's been also setting aside time with friends who are vaccinated after the workday is done.
You can find Andrew through Linkedin:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-jones-mba-144666b2

Some things Andrew recommended during the interview:
Yoga with Adriene: https://youtube.com/c/yogawithadriene