Episode 33 

 Pros and Cons of Remote Work,

with Ute Franzen-Waschke 

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Show notes

Ute Franzen-Waschke, of Holle, Germany, specializes in corporate culture and communication and has been working from home as a coach and consultant for nearly two decades. In today's episode, she talks about how she and her husband had temporarily relocated to the USA for her husband's work assignment right before the 2020 pandemic started shutting everything down. Even though she had anticipated working remotely with some of her corporate clients while she was traveling, the two of them ended up working from an apartment in Michigan. In the past, Ute was seeing local clients often in the mornings and then doing admin work and some remote work in her afternoons. Even though she is back home in Germany, she is still restricted from visiting her clients onsite, so she has switched her work to 100% from home. Ute has used this time to embrace the search for electronic tools and apps to help navigate these new times alongside her clients, and she mentions Zoom and Howspace (https://bit.ly/3259f8q) as two tools she's used often in the past year. We discuss some of the pros and cons of working from home as a solopreneur as well as some of the pros and cons she knows are being discussed in corporations as well.

Ute is the author of the book “How to create a successful remote work culture.” She was able to take her years of experience working with clients of different levels in the corporate setting and some of the things that she witnessed and learned about how they think to create three different avatars for the book that she wrote once she returned to her home in Germany in late 2020, someone from upper management, mid-management, and the team level. In her book, these avatars represent people from different walks of life and help walk people through a model she dubbed as the PPAS Maturity Model®. Ute is well versed in working with people in the international workplace and is devoted to helping individuals, teams, and businesses to thrive.

Website: https://www.discover-your-choices.de/en/coach

Linked In: http://linkedin.com/in/ute-franzen-waschke

Ute's book is: “How to create a successful remote work culture,” with foreword by Dr. Holger Nauheimer

A special thanks to Ute's publisher, Cheryl Benton, from The Three Tomatoes Publishing for introducing us!