Episode 49 

 The Magic Of Children's Book Publishing, 

 with Lara Law and Carrie Turley 

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Show notes

Lara Law and Carrie Turley are neighbors who just live 5 doors from one another who have joined forces and started a children's book publishing house together, Lawley Publishing. In this episode, both women are interviewed together and share the story of how it all began with transforming a bedroom in Carrie’s home into a magical land filled with fairies as a special room for her grandchildren. As they added fairy houses and Lara painted the murals on the walls, they developed stories to go with each character; and they both felt a desire to create a book out of the experience. They have now written and illustrated several books together, and Lara's artwork and Carrie's writing skills opened the door to the publishing world where they use their unique skills to help first-time and established authors produce fantastic books for children.

Lara and Carrie and an assistant work primarily out of an office in Lara's home, but the two of them do go back and forth down the street between the two houses quite a bit. They prioritize family time when their kids or grandkids are home or need them, and work things out between the two of them if someone needs to be off for a day. When asked about how they communicate information, they talk about how they go back and forth checking things out in Adobe InDesign as well as use airdrop and their Apple products to share work easily with one another as well as between their own devices. For those who are somewhat unfamiliar with some of the different publishing options, they also talk a bit about the differences between vanity publishing, self-publishing, more traditional publishing houses, and some of the ways they have built a community directly with their authors and illustrators.

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Lawley Publishing: http://www.lawleypublishing.com/

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