Episode 118 

 Maximize Productivity in First and Final 30 minutes,

 with Steve Mellor 

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Show notes

 Steve Mellor is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA and he is an Owner & Executive Coach of Career Competitor LLC for 2 Years. His "first & final 30" is the key to my day in order to maximize my productivity and mental health. He focuses on how he uses the first and final 30 minutes of his day in order to make the most of his time throughout the day.
Also, having commitments that pull you away from your desk throughout the week are vital as we are all prone to convincing ourselves we have to be at our desk every minute. As an executive coach, his motto as a coach is "pursue your Optimal Self" and so he ties everything back to clients that work from home to the importance of serving the optimal self. We all have a version of ourselves that is truly optimal but we don't stumble into it, it takes a heightened awareness of how we use our time, our day, and our energy. He works with clients currently on ensuring they are focused on their optimal selves and must build a workday and lifestyle that embodies their growth of it. he wrote a book "SHOCK THE WORLD! A Competitor's Guide to Realizing Your Potential" which could certainly be a powerful resource to anyone looking to better lead their "work from home" lifestyle.  He has almost 2 decades of experience working with elite performers within high-performance environments as an Olympic Swim Coach. Whether in his role as an executive coach, culture consultant, speaker, or author, Steve’s work targets bringing the best out of individuals, while ensuring teams and organizations are optimized through the process. This native of England, former top-50 world-ranked swimmer, husband, father, and lifelong competitor is driven to pursue his optimal self by working with those that are eager to do the same.

Email: Steve@careercompetitor.com 
Website: Careercompetitor.com
Instagram: @Coach_Steve_M