Episode 62 

 When A Podcasting Side Gig Becomes The Main Hustle, 

 with Derrick Michaud 

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Show notes

Derrick Michaud is the founder and executive producer of a podcasting agency called Shelby Row Productions based out of the Memphis, Tennessee, area. Derrick had years of experience in radio and commercials and spent some time living in Tennessee and working as a musician, including several years touring as a bassist in a few different bands. He talks about how he, as is the custom with most musicians, needed to have additional work to make ends meet when he wasn't traveling; so he would negotiate with restaurant managers to wait tables when he was in town and would balance other side hustles and gig work on the side. Derrick eventually started looking for work that he could do from the road and discovered Upwork. This led to him supporting a few clients at a time with their podcast editing needs until he got to the point where he needed to hire additional people to support the number of clients he was getting in.

In this episode, Derrick shares how he was able to go from working for multiple bands and filing up to nine 1099 forms in a year to switching everything in this past year to his podcasting company. He has a team of people working from across four time zones, and they now support podcasters all around the globe, starting with the process of designing and launching a podcast, generating the necessary art, as well as weekly audio and video editing, transcription, and writing show notes. Derrick is also the host of his own podcast about podcasting, Podlogix. Overall, he is primarily focused on the customer-facing aspect of his business and is offering a 15-minute call to anyone who is interested in learning more. 

Before the pandemic grounded him, Derrick enjoyed getting out to local coffee ships and said he actually started Shelby Row Productions from a local Panera restaurant, doing his editing with a good set of headphones. However, with the pandemic, he has been able to do the majority of his work from a corner in his bedroom, using a backdrop to hide his bed for his video meetings. He likes to get up and stretch and work from his bar-height table in the kitchen and spends a lot of time pacing around as he's thinking and working. Finding a few different spots around his apartment and getting out here and there to see other humans while he's working has helped him settle into the new lifestyle. 

You can find Derrick and his team at https://shelbyrowproductions.com/