Episode 85 

 Performance Improvement, Relationships, and Self-Care, 

 with paul glover 

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Show notes

Paul Glover is a performance improvement coach based out of Downers Grove, just out of Chicago, Illinois. He started working from home 20 years ago and has found that he can connect and listen well through voice calls with his clients. He focuses on empathetic listening and questions as a way to build relationships and connect with his clients. 

In this episode, Paul shares a message about the importance of self-care for those who work from home and feels that self-care requires discipline in 3 main areas: Sleep/rest, exercise/diet, and relationships. He talks about the various "circles of love" in one's life representing the different levels of relationships and how to know when it's time to take a step back from certain kinds of relationships, including cutting out toxic people in order to work on time and stress management.

Paul describes himself as the No B.S. Workforce Performance Coach, a "recovering trial lawyer," an ex-felon, an unabashed Starbucks addict, a Chicago Bears fanatic, an online course creator, a speaker on business and leadership topics, and a member of the Forbes Coaching Council. He has a presentation entitled "Everyone Needs a Fool in Their Life," referring to the concept of a king having a jester in his court as a kind of advisor who could openly challenge decisions the king would make in a way that others couldn't. Once he got out of prison, Paul took stock of what skills he had and became a performance coach as he feels that, had he listened to someone willing to share truth, it would have changed the trajectory he was on for a while when he ended up starting from scratch after losing his ability to work as a lawyer. Paul is the author of WorkQuake™, a book that came out before its time but is especially relevant now. It can be found on Amazon.

Paul can be found in the following places: 
Website: http://paulglovercoaching.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/paul-glover-coaching
Email: paul @ paulglovercoaching.com