Episode 86 

 Minimizing Office Storage While Maximizing Family Time, 

 with Emily Langr 

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Show notes

Emily Langr currently lives in Rochester, Minnesota, and works as an account executive for Metro Sales Inc, a local office supply company, specializing in photocopiers and the like. Although she works directly with clients and travels within her territory in her city, Emily was given the opportunity to work from home in a hybrid model about 2 days a week. She does meet with some of her clients virtually so schedules their Zoom appointments for the days she's working from home. In this episode, Emily chats about her background as a home educated student helped prepare her for working from home in terms of time management. Emily has had a variety of IT jobs in the past and also rose to the director level when she was with Mary Kay, got the car and everything; but she took a step back from the extra long hours on top of her day job and made a decision to be more available for quality family time with her husband and daughter. 

Emily and her family just made a move from about 45 miles away as she had been commuting nearly an hour on a stretch of interstate that is known to be extra rough in inclement weather. Emily's husband, Ryan (from Episode 1), also works from home, and their daughter is part of an online school, so they decided to move closer to the office so that when she does need to go in a few days a week, the commute is easier. Emily has embraced some aspects of minimalism in the past in terms of using a capsule wardrobe, but when they downsized from a three-bedroom home with a basement to a two-bedroom apartment, she went from having a full office with a closet to working from their bedroom at a small folding table that she keeps under their bed when she's not working. 

You can find Emily on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ekalangr