Episode 116 

 The Cultural Shift Working From Home, 

 with Jessica Rhys-Griffith 

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Show notes

Jessica Rhys-Griffith, from Shropshire, UK, is a work/life coach for female "mum" executives who are feeling not quite good enough. She helps her clients get to a place where they feel, calm, and confidently in control of their lives as the role model they want to be for their children and the leader they want to be in their professional life. In this episode, Jessica shares insight on her own journey coming from a corporate world where she was considered a key player in senior management to working from home for the same organization (1 day a week was adjusted to 5 days a week starting in 2020), and then the more recent transition to working for herself. She shares some of her personal experiences as she's made the shift and how she can now turn around and help others, including remote executives, in making their day-to-day better. She comes from the perspective of being someone who has had to juggle the challenges of building a supportive and positive home environment for herself and her child while handling the increasing demands and expectations of an executive role in what has become an increasingly volatile world. At the beginning of her remote-work life, Jessica experienced some discomfort with the changes and experienced some of the ups and downs but has worked to minimize the negative aspects and enjoy a more balanced life.

Jessica now runs JRG Coaching, Ltd, and her coaching is centered around health and positivity, time management, and manageable to-do lists. She offers tips for connecting with children and different ways to keep them motivated in the home environment. Jessica enjoys being able to walk her child home from school in the afternoons and has just planned for that as part of her daily routine. Some of her strategies also include heading to a local coffee shop for a change of scenery and ensuring she has meetings scheduled to help with motivation and keeping engaged.  She speaks about adjusting her mindset and being present for family and changes she made to herself as a leader to ensure that she keeps positive and energized. When she made key decisions around being clear on what kind of life she wanted for herself and her daughter, by setting boundaries, asking the right people for help, and changing aspects of how I worked, she found a way to enjoy home and work and even find time for herself!

Jessica has always been motivated by working with individuals and teams to achieve their best and wants to take what she's learned to support others in similar situations to find their way to be their best selves and be successful at home and work. She does offer a 30-minute free consultation (with no obligation) to do a work/life balance audit and provides some practical tips that people can start to implement.
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