Episode 92

Introverts Can Avoid Becoming Remote Work Hermits, 

 with Caroline Wood 

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Show notes

Caroline Wood is an introvert who supports other introverts to build successful businesses. She does this through helping introverts design business models and services that work with their introversion. She offers a service called the thoughtful business pause where she helps people take a step back from their current business and look at how it is and isn't servicing them. Most of her clients are people who work from home, often solopreneurs, many who are transitioning out of an office environment and working on growing their own small businesses and would prefer to find more innovative techniques than cold calls.

In this episode, Caroline talks about how she wants to see introverts succeed in working for themselves and managing to be productive and happy working from home without falling into the habit of never leaving the house. Caroline loves to spend time alone but recognizes the importance of remaining a part of society and says that walking her dogs and getting to the coffee shop help her maintain not just a routine but also enough interaction with others to stay healthy. To start and end her work day, Caroline has also put in a place a few routines that have helped her such as using flexible time blocking to get work done in a way that works for how she's feeling on a particular day, and her end-of-day routine with a warm shower helps her switch off mentally from work so she doesn't keep going all night. 

Caroline is an Australian who is currently settled in with her dogs and close to family near Canberra, the capital of Australia; but she has also lived in several different countries including the UK, Namibia, and Laos. She describes herself as a corporate escapee having spent 20 years working as a chartered accountant working for large businesses and not for profits, as well as being a supply officer in the Air Force. Now she gets to work from the comfort of her own home, making the introvert in her very happy. 

Caroline can be reached in the following places: 

Website: https://quietlyextraordinary.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QuietlyCaroline/