Episode 64 

 building confidence as a remote worker, 

 with ibrahim dar 

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Show notes

Ibrahim Dar is a Dubai-based public speaker, author, and confidence coach, who is currently working from home in Pakistan as he is preparing to get married later this month. The plan is that he and his future wife will likely travel for six months or even longer before they return home to settle down. Ibrahim talked about some of the stark differences between being a businessperson in UAE versus Pakistan, and how the regulations in UAE have made it necessary to get a business license for selling anything more than a couple of personal pieces of furniture, and business owners are required to have an office space as part of the fee they pay for that license.

In this episode, Ibrahim speaks about the decline of offices and how working from home will soon become just “work.” He currently works with executives and knows that this shift is being talked about at the highest level, and those of us who are working from home is on the cutting edge of the evolution of work culture.

When it comes to being more confident, Ibrahim also talks about embracing being fun and using charisma to attract people to you. This is one of the topics that he writes about, helping people learn how to cultivate personal magnetism and improve their social status. He writes about being magnetic in his book, Charm Like a Narcissist, which is available as a free gift from Ibrahim on his website. The book is an interesting perspective on learning how to foster some of the positive traits that a narcissist might do accidentally, adding in the self/awareness most people have, and separating them from some of the more toxic traits and behaviors. As a professional speaker, Ibrahim talks about attracting attention, building a narrative, and creating connections. His words have reached over 2 million people, with 18,000 consuming his content on a regular basis. Even so, Ibrahim has turned off his social media sites and can be contacted by signing up for his newsletter and replying to an email sent to you.

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