Episode 68 

 finding a job you love, 

 with sarah giacopuzzi 

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Show notes

Sarah Giacopuzzi loves her job! She works in a project specialist position at an inverter company that handles utility-scale solar projects, and in this episode, she breaks down what her role is working in a company that makes solar fields and how that is different from residential and commercial solar panel installations. She is located in the Phoenix East Valley from home in Chandler, Arizona, and rarely needs to actually drive into Phoenix to go onsite but sometimes chooses to go into the office to meet a new member of the team or for a team-building event with food. 

Sarah unexpectedly started working in the solar industry about 4 years ago as a friend suggested she apply for a job with them, and she started working in residential solar with a small company and learned a lot throughout the process. Eventually, though, she felt drained from constantly being essentially on call and working long hours. Then the pandemic hit, and everyone was sent to work from home, and she was worried she would hate working remotely but quickly started to love the freedom to get her work done yet still run a load of laundry or help her kids focus at online school by keeping an eye on them. 

More recently, Sarah transitioned to a different company and took a project specialist position at the aforementioned inverter company, where she works closely with engineers and field technicians. She very rarely needs to go onsite unless she wants to meet a new customer. The position was work from home regardless of covid, and Sarah said it took a few months to find that she loved working from home. In her new position, she now works for an amazing company doing what she loves without the stress of a commute, home with her kids, and a schedule that is flexible enough that she can run and drop off and pick up her kids. 

You can contact Sarah at

E-mail: Giamarie480 @ gmail . com