Episode 38 

 Starting A Podcast From Home is Easy, 

 with Angie Griffith 

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Show notes

Angie Griffith had been living the life of a busy artist manager in Nashville, Tennessee; but even though it was scary to leave her title and cushy, salaried position, she's decided in the last year to go ahead and step out and start something of her own, from home. In a short amount of time, Angie has gone from learning about what it takes to start a podcast to pitch the idea to her bosses to now producing podcasts for celebrity musicians, one of which peaked at #1 on the Apple Podcasts Music chart. She also has a brand new coaching program for people who want to start a podcast.

In this episode, Angie shares about how a love for music and songwriting led her to Nashville, how she got into her previous role as a manager working with celebrity musicians, and how she just so happened to redecorate a home office two weeks before the pandemic sent everyone working from home. April and Angie also discuss some of the behind-the-scenes work it takes to start a podcast, from deciding on the content and strategy as well as recording and hosting tools. 

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