Episode 54 

 Future-proof Your Work-From-Home Career, 

 with Maulik Parekh 

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Show notes

Maulik Parekh is an avid entrepreneur, speaker, and bestselling author, currently based in the metro area of Manila, Philippines. In this episode, Maulik talks about how he went from working long hours onsite in his role as a CEO of global companies to taking a year-long sabbatical with the intention to travel the world with his family. They had a plan to travel and then relocate to Singapore to work on a new venture; however, instead of traveling during his year off, since the pandemic shut down those plans, he was able to use that time to knock another item off of his bucket list and write a book. He produced a bestselling book, titled Futureproof Your Career and Company. He talks about how he was able to write that book while operating under the same roof as his two young daughters home.

Maulik has some great insight about how work is changing and some of the skills the present and future workforce will need to add and grow to keep up with changing technology and workplaces. He speaks from direct experience from working as a decision maker in the corporate setting and also with managing a remote team and working from a home himself most recently. Prior to his entrepreneurial and literary ventures, Maulik was an award-winning CEO of global companies such as Inspiro and SPi Global. Under his leadership, these companies won over 100 awards, including Best Company of the Year, Best Employer of the Year, and Best Leadership Team of the Year. He was recognized as the ICT CEO of the Year. 

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Website: www.maulikparekh.com
Instagram: iammaulikparekh
Facebook: @iammaulikparekh
Skype: maulikparekh1
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