Episode 31 

 Strong and Capable and Working From Home, 

 with Brigette Heller 

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Show notes

Brigette Heller is a work-from-home mom in Gilbert, Arizona. In the past year, Brigette has transitioned from working full time in a school office to starting two businesses based out of her home. Deco Crate is a design and event decorating business, where Brigette and her sister work together to curate crates of decorations and party accessories that can be used to liven up an event space with fun and beautiful themes for birthday parties, showers, holiday events, and even weddings. Brigette is no stranger to entrepreneurship and has, over the years, started several businesses as well as started or participated in some foundations. One of her passion areas is helping people who are affected by mental health concerns on a personal level and/or as a result of being a support person for others with mental health crises. Brigette now has a company called The Strong and Capable that offers support and guidance for people who find themselves in these situations, and this includes a podcast as well as a membership option, online trainings, virtual retreats, with in-person retreats on the horizon for the near future.

In this episode, April Malone and Brigette talk about what it means to take care of yourself, even when you're working hard from home, including keeping hydrated and giving yourself permission to take bathroom breaks when highly focused. Brigette shares about her morning routine that helps her be more productive during the day. She also touches on some of her home office setup that includes bringing her podcast equipment into a closet for recording and experimenting with different locations in her home and the importance of sunlight and calling it a day when an uncomfortable chair reminds Brigette to get up and be present and in the moment again with her family. Brigette,

The Strong and Capable, and Deco Crate can be found here:

The Strong and Capable: https://www.thestrongandcapable.com/

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Brigette Heller: https://www.instagram.com/brigette.heller/