Episode 58 

 food blogging and beyond, 

 with samantha milner 

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Show notes

Samantha Milner is a six-figure food blogger and mother of three who just moved from Portugal back to the UK. Sam and her husband, Dominic, created a food blog called Recipe This in 2015 which is focused on recipes using popular kitchen gadgets such as the instant pot or air fryer. She was instrumental in bringing frozen food in the air fryer to the internet for the first time and was the first to bring out an ebook about the air fryer on Kindle. Her husband was a chef in the past, and together they work on creating and testing recipes and were also the first to create things such as a list of 101 Instant Pot recipes.

Sam and her husband have found a way to be able to stay home with their children by taking turns focusing on the business and the family, and at times incorporating them into the process with several appearances on their videos. She has worked online since the January of 2005; however, she's been entrepreneurial since the age of 12 and has helped train their oldest son as well who works in their business now as well. Before her food blog, Samantha worked as an internet marketing manager for more than 10 years, along with flipping websites and running her own successful blogs. Recipe This has now grown to 8 million visitors a year, and it has become an authority in its niche. Talking with Sam, not only does she have an informative and educational recipe site, she is a rich resource with great tips surrounding things like blogging, time management, SEO, social media, etc. She has a course on blogging as well as courses on using the air fryer and instant pot.

You can reach Samantha in the following platforms:

Website: https://recipethis.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/recipethis