Episode 34

 Dedicated Home Offices Versus Hybrid Options 

with Rael Bricker 

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Show notes

Rael Bricker joins us today from Perth, Australia, to talk about his extended work-from-home journey and how he has landed upon his current hybrid setup with an office onsite as well as his home office and how he flows back and forth between the two spaces. He is originally from South Africa, and he and his family picked up and moved to Australia for new opportunities and a change of pace. One thing led to another, and he ended up working from a home office on and off over the years and is now an entrepreneur managing a team. He's worked in the financial sector, started an education company and is now known as a business mentor/coach, podcaster, and the author of a book called Dive In – Lessons Learnt Since Business School.

In this episode, Rael shares about how he is often recording training videos; so, during the pandemic, he brought all of his equipment, such as his green screen, home to set up his recording studio in his home office and also did a fair amount of work outside on his back patio area when the weather was nice. However, he prefers to do his audio recordings at home and video work back at his onsite location. We talk about how more and more people are wanting a home office and how that is affecting the housing market at this time, how some people have longer commutes now that they've moved from the city, but at the same time more and more people are able to work from home a few days a week. Rael has some great insight into the restlessness that some people have with working from home and some ways to help fight isolation as they shift their work location.

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