Episode 100 

 Opportunities for Caregivers Joining Remote Workforce, 

 with Ashley Connell 

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Show notes

Ashley Connell of Austin, Texas, is the CEO of Prowess Project which supports caregivers and those who took an extended parental leave who have previous work experience, skills, and education. Prowess Project can help those who are in need of upskilling as well as those who are ready to return to the work force but in a flexible capacity. Prowess Project matches applicants with corporate partners who are ready and willing to work with job seekers looking for part-time and full-time work.

In this episode, Ashley describes how and why she became an advocate for those wanting to return to the workforce, especially women who have taken time away from work to raise their children, as she was anticipating starting her own family. She had spent 15 years in a busy career as an award-winning tech marketer in both Austin and London. Now she’s committed to changing the lives of overloaded employers, women seeking rewarding work, and doing all she can to close the gender gap. Ashley has worked from home for awhile, but now she has experienced taking a maternity leave of her own and returning to work and how that has impacted her schedule and lifestyle. She's now commuting again, in order to bring her daughter to childcare.

Join Her Masterclass: https://www.prowesstalent.io/going-from-home-to-hired
Prowess Project: https://prowessproject.com/
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