Episode 71

 Episode 71: Captivate Your Audience with a Podcast, 

 with Mark Asquith 

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Show notes

Mark Asquith is a public speaker and the CEO and co-founder of Captivate FM, a podcast hosting, analytics, and monetization platform based out of the UK. He's built several businesses since he started working for himself and with partners in 2005, and some might dub him a serial entrepreneur. Although Captivate FM is a newer podcast hosting option on the market, Mark and some of his colleagues have actually been hosting podcasts on their platform almost since the beginning of the podcast era when they started a tech startup called Poductivity for podcast interaction as well as Podcast Websites, another global success as the No. 1 managed WordPress solution for podcasters. They've made their way up the ranks as podcast hosting platform and were recently ranked in the top ten, among some of the oldest and largest hosting services.

In this episode, Mark shares about some of the renovation projects in their new home, how they're currently using a kitchenette that's part of his above-garage office space while redoing their main kitchen. He and Sam are preparing to expand their family soon so found a home that would have enough bedrooms and still allow them to maintain separate offices as their roles in their company are very different. Mark has gone back and forth from working from his home office and a more formal office setting as well as a hybrid for much of his working career, even more recently; but he's currently exploring the pros and cons of keeping his office and podcast studio space versus having his team meet up in other locations as needed for collaboration as they all primarily work remotely for the time being.

Mark and Sam have traveled quite a bit, especially right before the pandemic, networking and collaborating with other podcast experts in the States and other places around the globe. He has personally recorded over 1200 podcast episodes and was recording out and about as he traveled, and he talked about some of the gear he has used for years and has access to in his recording studio. He's currently recording a podcast about Star Wars as well as The Podcast Accelerator, where he talks about all things relating to growing and monetizing your podcast.

You can find Mark in the following places:

Website: https://www.Captivate.fm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrAsquith