Episode 55 

 Product Creation and Selling Online, 
 with vicki weinberg 

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Show notes

Vicki Weinberg, of Kent, UK, originally started on the corporate side; but, after pregnancy and the difficult postpartum period, she deliberately set out not to go back to employment and wanted to find a way to work from home, earn decent money, and work around her children. She has been working from home now for 7 years in several different capacities and shares in this episode about her work-from-home journey started as a children's yoga instructor. She joined a franchise and thought that she would just be going out to studios and schools to teach yoga classes but underestimated the amount of time she would spend working from home on invoicing, marketing, etc. So, when she was on maternity leave with her second child, she moved on and started a small UK-based brand of premium bamboo baby products called Tiny Chipmunk and started a blog at the same time to document the process of starting her online store. 

As Vicki went to sell her physical products online, she experienced first-hand how difficult and confusing the product creation process can be, especially when it comes to competing with people who have more experience on sites such as Amazon. Through her blog, people started reaching out to her with questions. She enjoyed helping others who were on a similar journey; so, at one point, her husband pointed out that she was sharing a lot of time and knowledge with others and might consider going into that as another business as well, which is how Vicki Weinberg Product Creation was created. She now offers consultation to anyone else who wants to create and sell their own physical products (or sell more of them), and she finds that her clients are generally moms who want to work from home to be closer to their children. As for her own online business, she's been able to work with a warehouse to handle the orders of her bamboo baby products so she can turn her focus on offering support for anyone who wants to create their products to sell. She's also been able to adjust her working schedule somewhat as her kids are getting a little bit older and have gone through a few different office spaces in their home, including quite a while at the kitchen table but are now in a room again where she can hang out most of the day with their sleepy dog.

Vicki does have an online course, and those who might be interested in learning more about selling physical products on their own website, Amazon, or other places can reach out to her for more information. You can also listen to her podcast, Bring Your Product Ideas to Life podcast.

Vicki can be found in the following places:

Email: vicki@tinychipmunk.com

Website: https://www.vickiweinberg.com

Instagram: @vickiweinberg_product_creation