Episode 101 

 Treadmill Desks: Walking While Working from Home,

 with Chris  and Jordan Fischer, Ep. 101 

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Show notes

Chris and Jordan Fischer of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, are the creators of WALK-i-TASK, a treadmill workspace that can be added to most treadmills.  While working from home, they designed and developed a height-adjustable desk that attaches to the arms of a treadmill in order to help people do things that they would ordinarily do while seated, working, watching something, etc. They are motivated to add more movement into their own day and help others who work from home to find ways to keep moving while working from home. Chris talked about how, before he began using a treadmill desk, he began experiencing the many negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle including weight gain, fatigue and negative mental health. While they were talking today, Jordan was downstairs and using the treadmill desk, as they shared how they alternate who is using it throughout the day, depending on what tasks they’re working on.

In this episode, Chris and Jordan open up about their experiences working from home as a couple, how their dynamics affect their business and situation when working, and how they value wellness in accordance with their ideal living situation as remote workers. They also discussed some of the positive productivity effects as well as the negative wellness impact of working from home. The Fischers co-founded WALK-i-TASK while working other jobs but were eventually able to make it their sole focus, and they are continuing to update their desk so that it includes more options and can fit even more treadmills. Their goal is to help others that work from home get rid of that sedentary lifestyle by sitting less and moving more by incorporating a treadmill desk as a health and fitness tool.

If you are in the US, you can order their treadmill desks and get a $50 discount if you use WFH50.

WALK-i-TASK: https://www.walkitask.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/walkitask
E-mail: chris @ walkitask.com
Instagram: @walkitask 
Discount code: WFH50