Episode 112 

 From Consulting to Selling Baby Nail Clippers on Amazon, 
 with Todd Paulsmeyer 

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Show notes

Todd Paulsmeyer is a former software developer and consultant who has turned to product development of some innovative baby nail clippers he’s selling on Amazon. He works from a home office and his garage workshop in Denver Colorado but is looking at expanding to outsourcing more of the manufacturing process once his production really takes off. He is building on his problem solving strategy from his previous line of work and applying the concept of working with experts for business strategy and leaning on the expertise of some coaches as he embarks on this new project. 

Todd has worked from home longer than a lot of people, with more than 3 decades working as a software developer, more or less logging on from a home office since 2003 when the internet was still just gaining popularity in private homes. For 28, years he was working as an independent consultant, working for large and small projects for big clients such as IBM, The State of Utah, The State of Alaska, General Motors, and the New York Transit Authority. He was managing and running his own software business for time tracking that tens of thousands of work-at-home consultants were using but, ultimately, went into consulting and is now dedicated to bringing the safest nail clippers in the world to help parents trim the nails of their tiny infants without risk of causing injuries and pain.

Todd's invention, LuvClip nail clippers, has been awarded seals of excellence by three organizations who recognize safe and effective products for parents to use on their children and are getting good reviews from parents of young children and other caregivers. He attributes the development of this product to working from home when his children were first born because it allowed him to be more involved with their care including trimming their teeny-tiny nails. He painfully became aware of how all of the baby nail clippers on the market suffered from major design flaws which resulted in both him and his wife accidentally injuring their newborns fingertips even while trying to clip their baby's nails as carefully as possible. Working from home now, his time is split between preparing the LuvClip nail clippers for distribution versus the business development and marketing aspect of an entrepreneurial business selling physical products instead of services. With the change in workflow, Todd manages his time by exercising first thing in the morning to set the tone for the day and then utilizing Focusmate while he’s in the office to help minimize distractions. 

You can find Todd in the following places:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/luvclip

Website: www.luvclip.com