Episode 80 

 Customer Success in Small Business from Home, 

 with Katie Matthews 

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Show notes

Katie Matthews works from her home in Portland, Oregon, as the leader of the Customer Success team at The Presentation Company, a women-owned consulting firm helping enterprise customers create a culture of storytelling within their teams. Katie has worked from home with TPC for nine years, but she's been working from home for 15 years altogether. She's been the director of Global Accounts & Training Operations, with rare onsite or work trips.

In this episode, Katie shares how she spends time leading her team as well as communicating with clients directly and is on Zoom a fair amount. As someone who is mindful of how she presents herself on camera, she didn't usually divulge that she was working from a home office but appreciates that it's become normalized as of late. She was able to set up her office in a portion of her basement and decorated the background where she takes her calls with shelving, books, and a chair with a decorative pillow.

Katie has a 14-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter, who have typically been in summer camps or school while she's working, though she was able to adjust her workflow and schedule somewhat during the pandemic to accommodate sharing homeschooling along with her co-parent. Her team is in a season of growth, and she talked about how there needs to be an open conversation with an employer around expectations relating to remote work, especially around issues such as childcare. When she's not working, Katie enjoys traveling and running with her group of local moms.

If you'd like to learn more about Katie, you can reach out to her via email or on LinkedIn: