Episode 94 

 why an edtech company embraces the hybrid office, 

  with jubee vilceus 

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Show notes

Jubee Vilceus is a co-founder of Yellow Tail Tech, an EdTech company based out of Silver Spring, Maryland. His wife, Paloma, is his co-founder; and they started a training company for people with no technical background who are looking for a career change, teaching them either Linux operating system or AWS cloud computing. They work with their team to set up their students for success, including help preparing for interviews, so they can land jobs and make a great income out of the gate as they break into the IT industry after just 9 months or so of preparation. Originally, Yellow Tail Tech had a relatively large in-person training facility with their student base made up of people who lived within driving distance in their local area near Washington DC; but when everyone ended up going remote in 2020 and they changed their classes to a flipped classroom model, they made the decision to expand for any US-based student to attend virtually. This change allowed them to grow quickly but still downsize to a smaller office for their headquarters as all learning is now happening remotely.

In this episode, Jubee talks about his daily routine of starting his work day with a couple of hours working from home. He then transitions to his office space after lunch most days of the week, using a docking station and laptop to transition from dual monitors at both of his desks. He and his wife have their home offices set up in different parts of their house and have a very short commute to and from their other office just a few minutes away, often coming and going at different times in order to take turns when it comes time for school drop off and pick up. He has embraced some of the flexibility of being able to work remotely when it suits him for things such as getting back from the gym and checking messages and planning his day. Still, he also appreciates the reset that happens with the change of pace once he heads to the office after lunch for his deep-focused work as well as collaborating with his team a few days a week.  However, all the students he works with are remote now and often land work-from-home jobs. Jubee is responsible for enrollment as well as employment outcomes and has found that using online classes helps the students make the transition to the real-world tech environment since most tech companies out there are pivoting to having a remote environment.

You can learn more about Jubee and Yellow Tail Tech in the following places:

Website: https://yellowtail.tech/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yellowtailgo
Email: hello @ yellowtail.tech