Episode 102 

 How To Become A Work-From-Home Virtual Assistant,

 with Molly Rose Speed 

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Show notes

Molly Rose Speed of Destin, Florida, loves to help people take skills they already possess to start a virtual assistant business. Molly is an expert in creating time freedom for clients and is the founder of Virtual Assistant Management which provides virtual assistant training as well as solutions and flawless tech execution for busy entrepreneurs.

In this episode, Molly Rose talks about how and why she created her company to help provide stable work for military spouses and others who needed to move often. She shared what skill set and personality traits are typically a good fit with this line of work and some of the variety of clients the VAs partner with. There is a demand for virtual help, with tasks that range from social media marketing to administrative assistant work and more, and VAs are a valuable resource for any entrepreneur or company needing more support. Molly Rose is the go-to professional for some of the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders in the financial and personal development industries.

Molly’s own work has opened up flexibility and freedom for solo travel, and she’s expanded her offerings from supporting her own clients to preparing to launch new offerings. She’s been a remote work business owner since 2013 and has a lot to share as it relates to balance, time freedom, traveling while working remote, and training others to create work-remove careers with my Virtual Assistant Academy and is in the process of launching a program, The Online Business Accelerator, a one-stop shop program to put new authors, coaches, and speakers on Kajabi.

Molly shares how she recently hired a health and nutrition coach at the beginning of 2021 which has been a game changer for her overall health and physical strength as well as helped her posture and eliminated pain from working at a desk. To compartmentalize her different hats, she often changes areas of the house to work in or goes to a coffee shop when she switches from one project to the next. She also swears by her priority 5 notepads, which outline the top 5 things she has to prioritize each day which she feels have been a game changer.

You can find Molly Rose and her information at the following places:
Virtual Assistant Academy: http://www.virtualassistantacademy.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mollyrosespeed
Instagram: @mollyrosespeed
E-mail: hi @ virtualassistantacademy.com