Episode 27 

 change and choices, with michelle zuspan 

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Show notes

Michelle Zuspan is one of the many people who began working from home unexpectedly as a result of the pandemic. In this episode, she shares about how she needed to bring her work computer into her own bedroom, as she was required to have a locked door with no interruptions; and this also meant that she needed to strip her bedroom of the smart devices she was accustomed to having in that room. We talk about how working from home with a strict 30-minute lunch schedule can make it more challenging to eat a hot meal, even in one's own kitchen. Michelle just weathered a historic winter storm in Texas and shares her experience with that and how it affected her ability to work since she was displaced for a few days while staying with friends and unable to set up her equipment in a secure environment. Overall, despite some of the challenges, Michelle decided that she would like to embrace the work-from-home lifestyle and is in the process of transitioning into a new position with another out-of-state company where she will be the only remote employee for the time being; and she's looking forward to the new flexibility and opportunity that might offer going forward.