Episode 74 

 A Professional Organizer's Tips to Inspiring  Calm,

 with Louise Hopkin 

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Show notes

Louise Hopkin is a professional organizer and owner of a business called The Space Reclaimers, based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She's originally from New Zealand, so has made a few big moves in her lifetime; and, over the years, she has been on a quest looking for a job that suits her well and has done a mix match of full-time office work and some administrative assistant work. About 5 years ago, Louise was drawn to helping others reclaim their space by helping them downsize, declutter, and organize their belongings. Louise says that she is not a naturally organized person, though her husband is; but she quickly discovered that having a clutter-free life is the key to keeping organized. She is able to help others create the skills and have the tools to go from chaos to calm in their homes and their lives! She's spent the last several years working out of her home office as a base and then spending a good portion of her time working alongside her clients as they make decisions about what they want or need to keep, be it paperwork or in their kitchen, garage, closets, etc. As people gain control over their personal belongings, they not only reclaim their space but also have more time as they're not always looking for things.

In this episode, Louise talks about her own minimalistic home office in what was the mud room area of their townhome. She has divided some of her working hours between a part-time administrative assistant job and her professional organizing work. With the decluttering business, she originally was spending about 70% of her time working directly with her clients and about 30% of her time on her own administrative paperwork at home; but with the pandemic and pivoting and all of the things that have changed in the past year and a half, she has flipped to doing more like 70-80% of her work from her home, taking on more of a coaching and training role, motivating people to work on their own belongings by helping them address the psychological ties they have to their stuff. She teaches about other time-saving strategies such as meal prepping and setting up routines and daily habits so that things don't pile up when life throws a curveball. Louise has a Podcast called Inspiring Calm.

Louise can be reached in the following places:

Website: www.thespacereclaimers.ca
E-mail: info @ thespacereclaimers.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thespacereclaimer